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Debenhams Online Shopping: The Leading UK Department Store - Online

Debenhams Department Store: With Debenhams Online You'll Get The Best Selection of UK Shopping and The Best Prices!

Debenhams Online Shopping: The Leading UK Department Store - Online

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Though the company history of Debenhams dates back to 1778, the Debenhams name first appeared in 1813 as the partnership of Clark and Debenham in London's Wigmore Street. Prospering throughout the 19th century, the business grew to include a number of retail outlets all over the country as well as clothing manufacturing operations. In 1905, the business was incorporated and Debenhams first department store was opened.

When you give someone Debenhams Gift Vouchers, you're bound to impress; it's the one gift that's guaranteed to please! Whether they're into fragrances, fashion, jewellery, interiors, entertaining, sport, home technology or fun games and gadgets. Debenhams Gift Vouchers are redeemable against any purchase made in store or from the Debenhams Direct Catalogue by post. You can even order Debenhams Gift Vouchers online, for direct delivery to anywhere in the UK - complete with a FREE greetings card.

Debenhams Department Store: Shopping At Debenhams Online Is So Easy

With Debenhams Direct Catalogue there's even more of Debenhams to explore than ever before! At the Debenhams Direct Catalogue website shopping is a snap. Ordering online from the Debenhams Direct Catalogue is quick and easy. Simply enter the Debenhams Catalogue item number, and click to continue - it's that simple! Most of the items featured in the latest Debenhams Direct Catalogue are also available to browse and buy online at Debenhams UK website.

Debenhams UK Department Store

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Your free insurance covers you in the event of cancellation, personal accident and public liability (see the rest of the guide for details). Please read this information and keep it safely for your reference and in case you need to make a claim. If you have any queries regarding your Red Letter Days voucher, our Customer Services Team will be pleased to assist on 0870 846 6000. Terms and conditions Please read these details carefully and call us if you need any further information or explanation. These terms do not affect your statutory rights. Experience descriptions The information on your experience is correct at the time of print. However, the content or format of experiences may change slightly during the year. Full updated details on each experience will be provided at the time of booking. Participation is conditional upon acceptance of the description of the experience detailed at the time your booking is confirmed. Any changes subsequent to this will be made in writing. Experience pictures The pictures used in any information to illustrate multi-location experiences are used as an indication only, as the machines, vehicles, craft, animals and setting at each venue do vary. Venues The Red Letter Days network of suppliers includes many of the UK 's best experience locations. We are continually adding to the locations we offer, but occasionally may need to withdraw featured venues. Where locations are stated as 'UK wide', locations may be limited in remote areas and Northern Ireland. Each venue has its own terms and conditions (available upon request) and participation is conditional upon acceptance of these. Session lengths Session lengths are approximate and are given as a guide to the time you will be at the venue. Unless stated otherwise, you will normally take your turn with other members of the public and there may be waiting time involved. Any itinerary provided is an indication only and the running order of an event may change. Restrictions Certain experiences are subject to minimum age, health or other requirements and these are featured in the enclosed information. Please read this carefully upon receipt. Validity of vouchers All open-dated vouchers are valid until 31 December 2002. Availability All experiences are offered subject to availability. You should make bookings at least 14 days in advance and longer for peak dates such as weekends or peak seasons. Bookings should not be considered confirmed until you receive confirmation in writing from us. Extras Where the experience includes tangible extras, these are normally despatched separately after your booking has been confirmed. Please allow 28 days for delivery. Cancellation Once your booking has been made, you may incur cancellation charges if you cannot attend, and may sometimes lose your booking completely if the supplier is unable to fill your space on the day. Cancellation policies vary from centre to centre, but you may be covered under our cancellation insurance. If we need to cancel an experience for any reason, we will notify you as soon as possible and make every effort to offer you a convenient alternative date on which to attend. Mechanical breakdown or illness Where specific vehicles or celebrities are featured, we reserve the right to make reasonable substitutions on the day in the event of mechanical breakdown or illness, or if this is not possible, to cancel the event at short notice. The weather Many experiences are weather dependent and we will advise you where you need to call the centre to check the weather before participating. If your event is cancelled because of the weather, this will be re-booked until you are able to participate. On the day You must bring your voucher along on the day to take part. If you have a problem or complaint on the day, please bring it to the attention of the management at the earliest opportunity so they have a chance to put matters right. It is generally unreasonable to take no action during an event, but then to write a letter of complaint at a later date. Other information In order to maintain the highest standard of customer service and to help with the training of new staff, we sometimes listen to, and occasionally record calls. Whilst we take every care in the choice of our suppliers, inclusion of an experience does not mean that we guarantee the safety standards or satisfactory performance of any of our suppliers. Red Letter Days 'liability for any claim howsoever arising shall not exceed the price of the experience purchased. Your statutory rights are not affected relating to faulty or misdescribed goods or services. If you have any questions about your statutory rights please contact your local Trading Standards department or Citizens Advice Bureau. The text, illustrations and pictures used are protected by copyright and must not be copied in whole or in part without the express permission of Red Letter Days plc. Red Letter Days Personal Accident Cancellation & Curtailment and Personal Liability Insurance Cover Whilst participating in events organised by Red Letter Days. Cover commences from time of leaving home or place of business (whichever the later), during the whole time away and shall cease on return to home or place of business (whichever the earlier). Operative time Whilst participating in events organised by Red Letter Days. Cover commences from time of leaving home or place of business (whichever the later), during the whole time away and shall cease on return to home or place of business (whichever the earlier). DEFINITIONS: Assured: Red Letter Days. Insured Persons: Any person advised to Red Letter Days in connection with this booking. Country of Domicile: For the purpose of insurance, this will be the United Kingdom. Bodily Injury: Means bodily injury which: (a) is sustained by an Insured Person during the period of cover (b) is caused by an accident including hijack. (c) solely and independently of any other cause, except illness directly resulting from, or medical or surgical treatment rendered necessary by such injury, occasions the death or disablement of an insured person within twelve calendar months from the date of the accident by which such injury is caused. Accident: Accident includes exposure resulting from a mishap to a conveyance in which an Insured Person is travelling. Permanent Total Disablement: Means disablement which entirely prevents an Insured Person from attending to any and every occupation and which lasts twelve months and at the expiry of that period is beyond hope of improvement. Loss of Limb: Means loss by physical separation of a hand at or above wrist or a foot at or above the ankle and includes permanent total and irrecoverable loss of a hand, arm or leg. Temporary Total Disablement: Means disablement which entirely prevents the Insured Person from attending to his usual occupation. BENEFITS: SECTION A: Personal Accident: 50, 000 per person, per occurrence. To pay compensation in accordance with the following schedule of benefits in the event of any Insured Person sustaining any bodily injury, as herein defined causing: 1. Death 50, 000 2. Permanent total loss of one or both eyes 50, 000 3. Loss of one or two limbs 50, 000 4. Permanent total disablement (other than loss of limb or eye) 5. Temporary Total Disablement, payable for a maximum of 104 weeks subject to an excess of the first 14 days each and every loss, 150.00 per week. Cover under this section in respect of Insured Persons who are under 16 years of age, is restricted to 3, 500 in respect of item 1 and item 5. EXCLUSIONS APPLICABLE TO SECTION A: 1. Pregnancy and childbirth if delivery expected during the period of Insurance or within three months thereafter. 2. Any expenses incurred either directly or indirectly in the treatment of diagnosis or counselling of either Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (A. I. D. S. ) or A. I. D. S. related Complex (A. R. C. ) and/or any mutant derivative or variations thereof, however caused. 3. Claims caused or aggravated by any disability, condition or illness which originated prior to the effective date of this insurance and which has required medical treatment within six months immediately preceding such date. 4. This insurance does not cover death, injury or disablement directly or indirectly caused or contributed to by intentional self injury, disease or natural causes, or any recurring chronic or continuing condition which has necessitated treatment or consultation within the last 12 months. SECTION B: Cancellation and Curtailment: Up to the total amount invoiced. Should an Insured Person have to cancel the projected journey before commencement, or curtail it by returning home before completion for any of the following reasons, we will pay for any irrecoverable payments (whether paid or contracted to be paid) in connection with the event in which the Insured Person(s)was/were to participate. I. The death, accidental bodily injury, illness, compulsory quarantine, redundancy (provided hat such redundancy qualifies for payment under the United Kingdom s Redundancy Payment Acts) or summoning to witness attendance in a court of the normal country of domicile/residence of an Insured Person, or the death, accidental bodily injury, illness of a close relative (meaning any relative including fiancé (e) or business associate whose death, injury or illness necessitates the presence in the normal country of domicile/residence of the person concerned. II. Major damage or burglary at an Insured Person s home or place of business, which requires his/her presence in the United Kingdom. III. Should there be failure of public transport services or the failure of personal transport to deliver the Insured Person to the original departure point. EXCLUSIONS APPLICABLE TO SECTION B: 1. Pregnancy and childbirth if delivery expected during the period of Insurance or within three months thereafter. 2. Any expenses incurred either directly or indirectly in the treatment or diagnosis or counselling of either Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (A. I. D. S. ) Or A. I. D. S. related Complex (A. R. C.) and/or any mutant derivative or variations thereof, however caused. 3. Claims caused or aggravated by any disability, condition or illness which originated prior to the effective date of this insurance and which has required medical treatment within the six months immediately preceding such date. 4. Claims attributable to any condition or set of circumstances known to the insured person at the time of booking the trip which could reasonably have been expected to give rise to cancellation or curtailment of the trip or journey. 5. All claims arising from the failure of public or personal transport must be supported by documentary evidence, satisfactory to Underwriters, to confirm such failure. SECTION C: Personal Liability -1,000,000 per occurrence To indemnify an Insured Person in respect of legal liability to the public for injury to, and/or damage to property of, third parties (excluding an Insured Person or member of an Insured Person s family or household, up to a limit of 1,000,000 any one accident or series of accidents and in all (including associated legal expenses) arising from accidents occurring with the covered event, but excluding liabilities arising out of the ownership of any horse drawn or mechanically propelled vehicle, waterborne craft or aircraft, lands, buildings, and excluding professional and contractual liability and liability to employees. No liability shall be admitted and no admission, arrangement, offer, promise of payment shall be made by the Insured without the written consent of underwriters, who shall be entitled, if they so desire, to take over the conduct in the name of the Insured their defence of any claim or to prosecute in his (their) name for their benefit, any claims for indemnity or damages or otherwise against any Third Party, and shall have full discretion in the conduct of any negotiations or proceedings or the settlement of any claim, and the Insured shall, wherever possible, give all such information and assistance as underwriters may require. EXCLUSIONS APPLICABLE TO SECTION C: 1. Costs incurred in pursuance of any claim against a Travel Agent, Tour Operator, Carriers, accommodation provided, Underwriters or their agents. 2. Costs and legal expenses incurred without Underwriters  written consent or any fees that are based directly or indirectly on the amount of an award. 3. Any claim where in Underwriters opinion there is insufficient prospect of success in obtaining a reasonable settlement. 4. Where such liability is insured elsewhere or is assumed by an Insured Person(s)by virtue of any waiver(s)of subrogation rights against third parties. SECTION D: Emergency Transportation Costs Up to a maximum of 10, 000 any one occurrence To indemnify an Insured Person against transportation costs incurred, in the event of an emergency, to the nearest appropriate medical facility. GENERAL CONDITIONS 1. Any fraud misstatement or concealment in the statements made by or on behalf of an Insured Person in the submission of a claim made hereunder shall render this insurance null and void all claims hereunder shall be forfeited. 2. This insurance does not cover: (a) loss or destruction of or to any property whatsoever (unless as provided for under Section C -Personal Liability) or any loss or expense whatsoever resulting or arising therefrom any consequential loss. (b) any legal liability of whatsoever nature, directly or indirectly caused by or contributed to or arising from: (i) ionising radiation or contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear fuel or from any nuclear waste from the combustion of nuclear fuel. (ii) the radioactive, toxic explosive or other hazardous properties of any explosive nuclear assembly or nuclear component thereof. 3. This insurance does not cover death, disablement, expense, loss, damage or indemnity directly or indirectly resulting from or attributable towards invasion, civil war, armed hostilities, rebellion, revolution, insurrection or military or usurped power. 4. Words herein in he masculine gender shall include feminine. 5. Payment of Claims: All claims will be paid in Pounds Sterling. CLAIM PROCEDURE a) All insured Persons under this Certificate shall at all times take reasonable precautions to prevent accidents. All expenditure for which benefit is claimed must be reasonable and customary. b) A claim form must be requested and completed as reasonably possible and returned to CHCM, Cardigan House, Castle Court, Phoenix Way, Swansea, SA7 9LA. Please telephone 0870 606 0096 between 09.00 and 17. 00 weekdays and ask for Red Letter Days Claim Line . Underwriters reserve the right to reject any claim, which is not submitted within 6 months of the expenditure being incurred. c) All documents and materials (including but not limited to accounts, certificates, x-rays, policy reports) that we require to support a claim will be provided without expense to us (including if requested by us a medical report from the Insured Person s Medical Practitioner or Specialist). Such documentation will become our property to use or dispose of, as we consider appropriate. In cases where medical information is required by the Underwriter for consideration of a claim but it is not available to them, it is the responsibility of the Insured Person to obtain such information from their current or previous medical attendant, as appropriate. d) An Insured Person must, without delay, give written notification to BAHIS, Overseas House, 19-23 Ironmonger Row, London EC1V 3QN of any claim or right of action against any party arising out of the circumstances which gave rise to the claim under this Certificate, and must continue to keep us fully informed, in writing, and take all steps we reasonably require in making a claim upon that other party. e) We shall be entitled to prosecute in any Insured Person s name for our benefit any claim for indemnity or damages or otherwise which relates to any benefits and costs paid or payable under this Certificate. f) We shall have full discretion in the conduct of any such proceedings and in the settlement of any such claim. COMPLAINTS PROCEDURE REGARDING INSURANCE CLAIMS ONLY: Any enquiry or complaint should be addressed in first instance to British Activity Holiday Insurance Services, Overseas House 19-23 Ironmonger Row, London EC1V 3QN. If you are not satisfied with the way a complaint has been dealt with you may ask the Complaints and Advisory Department at Lloyd s to review your case without prejudice to your rights in law. Complaints and Advisory Department Lloyd s One Lime Street London EC3M 7HA Telephone: 020 7327 5693 PLEASE QUOTE POLICY NO. RLD/2000 Red Letter Days plc is registered in England and Wales under no 2389878. Registered Office: No 77 Muswell Hill, London, England, N10 3RE. … 2005 Catalogue, . 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